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sound installation


tree covered with wax, neon, sound, speaker, 2008, ssamzie space




tree covered with wax, neon, sound, speaker, 2008, ssamzie space





tree covered with wax, neon, sound, speaker, 2008, ssamzie space








One day, When I took a bus that was going through the street, I looked at the trees from the bus window
Even though sway in the wind, the branches cannot leave at that place.
I saw Jejus hanging on the center of tree.

"the allurement of the Sirens remains superior; no one who hears their song can escape.

self-preservation...The strain of holding the I together adheres to the I in all stages; and the temptation to lose it has always been there with the blind determination to maintain it.

The fear of losing the self, and suspending with it the boundary between oneself and
other life, the aversion to death and destruction, is twinned with a promise
of joy which has threatened civilization at every moment.
odyssee knows only two possible ways to escape
One of them he prescribes for his men. He plugs their ears with wax, and they must row with all their strength. Whoever would survive must not hear the temptation of that which is unrepeatable, and he is able to survive only by being unable to hear it
The other possibility Odysseus, He listens, but while bound impotently to the mast; the greater the temptation the more he has his bonds tightened just as later the burghers would deny themselves happiness all the more doggedly as it drew closer to them with the growth of their own power
They reproduce the oppressor's life together with their own, and the oppressor is no longer able to escape his social role.
The stopped ears which the pliable people have retained ever since the time of myth have no advantage over the immobility of the master. The over-maturity of society lives by the immaturity of the dominated.
The regression of the masses today is their inability to hear the unheard-of with their own ears, to touch the unapprehended with their awn hands the new form of delusion

men are once again made to be that against which the evolutionary law of society, the principle of self, had turned: mere species beings, exactly like one another through isolation in the forcibly united collectivity. "

The light hanging on the center of tree have many metaphors. Control and oppression ,good and mercy, salvation...


              Within the Dialectic of Enlightenmen, by Theodor W. Adorno































tree covered with wax, neon, sound (max-msp,protool)



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