sound- light interactive installation


meaningful, meaningless

everything is meaningful! everything is meaningless!

We’re surrounded by the sound . I hear the sound of the street as I walk.We always try to speak of something. The silence of sound. It’s an odd thing .

I recorded people's talking sound in the street.

Is it meaningful? Is it meaningless?

As a art class crtic, we always have to explain about the purpose or meaning behind a piece.

"what does that light actually mean? "

Is it meaningful? Is it meaningless?

Technical Statement


sound(max/msp,protools), audio transformer, lightbulb
the lights respond to the sound


installation I, wood, lightbulb,2007


Installation II, recyclingbox, lightbulb,2007



ps1. Everything Is Meaningless. Ecclesiastes 1:2-11

ps2. critic about modern art