by sinae kim
launching date: feb, 1, 2006



RF firefly <

communication robot(using radio )


  • concept

    I dream about harmonious relationship among human, nature, and machines. Machines are becoming a sort of second nature for society. We actually feel more comfortable and natural when we are living surrounded by machine. My art work is about the complexity of consciousness, ecological systems and our own artificial environments.
      These days we are surrounded by artificial environment rather than natural environment.We coexist with humans, other animals, autonomous mobile robots, artificial life creatures. The relation between organism and machine has been border war. machine have made thoroughly ambiguous the difference between natural and artificial, mind and body, self-developing and externally designed, and many other distinctions that used to apply to organisms and machines. Machine and organism, physical and non -physical , between them, there is no fundamental and ontological division.
      My project -fireflies- is about communication among human, nature and machine. Artificial life in the environment is artificial systems that mimic the properties of living systems. Many scientists have been dealing for many years with certain structures within animal brains that seemed to be interpretable as pieces of computing machinery because of their simplicity and regularity.The main idea behind Artificial Intelligence is that human beings and animals acquire knowledge from their environment and manipulate it in an efficient manner. Machine have also ability to sense and respond. Communication in insects and people differ in many ways. Insect communication can result in such responses as alarm, attraction, grooming, exchange of food, and recognition. Fireflies are actually beetles that can make flashes of light. these beetles use different codes of flashes to find and communicate with each other. my work "fireflies" is an art installation that is communicating robot in real time . The firefly robots are responded to each other and human, and simultaneously move with a vibrating motor . through radio transmitter and receiver, fireflies communicate with each other .
     Our interactions with machine-based communication tools have become a daily fact of life. The most recent communication systems have machines providing information to machines. I explore the communication among human to machine, machine to machine , and human to nature. we will find ourselves interacting with machines more and more frequently."The machine is not an 'it' to be animated, worshipped, and dominated." Rather, " The machine is us, our processes, an aspect of our embodiment. We can be responsible for machines; they do not dominate or threaten us." Through integrating information processing technologies into kinetic sculpture I explore new meaning and method of interaction.


  • Technical information

    LED, vibrating motor, radio transmitter and receiver, microcontroller, sensor


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    movie file

  • technical statement
  • technical map


    1. Machine- machin communication

    1) Led - radio transmitter and receiver

    Each species of firefly has a different kind of flash pattern
    when radio transmitter send some information, it trigger LED

    2. Machine- human communication

    1)sensor - Microcontroller - vibratingMotors

    The firefly robots respond to each other and human by detecting movement
    fireflies move autonomously. when sensor detect movement, firefly move fast.


    Led - radio transmitter and receiver
    Each species of firefly has a different kind of flash pattern
    when radio transmitter sends some information, it triggers LED





    technical map






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