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Artist-sinae kim
original URL-http://ksinae.pe.kr

gender : female

mail: k_sinae@hotmail.com
msn: k_sinae@hotmail.com


2007 "Electrofringe 2007" ,Marrickville ,Australia    

2007 "MFA show" , Gallery2, chicago , US   

2007 "Big sky" , SUGS exhibition, chicago , US   

2007 collision 11 ,collision collective,MIT medialab , Boston , US   

2007 Boston cyberart Festivsl,Boston,US    
       Boston globe review

2006 VR: arcade project     rhizome ArtBase

2006 New Abstract     rhizome ArtBase

2006 heartbeat drawing     rhizome ArtBase

2006 unexpected token:an exhibition of algorithmic drawings,chicago,US
     nova art space-chicago, IL,

2006Rhizome Guest-Curated Exhibitions netart exhibition


2001 http://rhizome.org artbase

2002 "graduation exibition" hong ik university,Seoul Arts Center,Seoul Korea

2005 http://rhizome.org artbase

2001 http://rhizome.org artbase

2000 drawing village group exihibition , gallery sukyung, seoul,korea

2001 "cyber space and body" group exibition, gallery insa, seoul, korea

2001 blindsound 'module' exhibition


2007 - Seoul national university of education, design and craft, instructor

2006- School of the Art Institute of Chicago, SAIC artistbook collection, web-art curating,

2006- School of the Art Institute of Chicago Teaching Assistant for " SAIC wired "

2006- School of the Art Institute of Chicago, first year program , teaching assistant


2006- School of the Art Institute of Chicago, first year program TA

2005- School of the Art Institute of Chicago, art & technology studies, MFA,

SAIC art and technology ,MFA

2000-2003  Hongik university,Art education, MA, seoul, Korea
master of art education

1995-1999  Seoul National university of education, BA

programming skill

C/C++, Java, HTML,Javascript,
Experience with Perl/CGI
Software: Flash, Preimere,final- cut pro, After effect,Dimension, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver,director, processing ,max/msp, protools, MAYA, Indesign