- pixel -

built with processing

-To be human is to be in a world that is filled with significant places: to be human is to have and to know your place.-

A pixel is generally thought of as the smallest complete sample of an image. Each such information element is not really a dot, nor a square, but an abstract sample.
the pixel is like a molecular unit. it has the potential for infinite transformation.
The more pixels used to represent an image, the closer the result can resemble the original.
however, as my pixels multiply, they expose their specific 'abstract' character.
Processes manipulate abstract things called data. A process is directed by a pattern of rules called a program.
People create programs to direct processes. My data in the software reveal their inherence of abstract. they represent themselves.
we are living in the matrix . the pixel is the basic element of a digital picture, and magnified it takes on the appearance of the Cartesian grid system.
matrix lie at the root of Descartes' Cartesian grid system
matrix is an array which depicts the real world: spaces in which space does not exist.
In this structure of the space, pixel as abstract form is the chaotic grid.



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