// one dimensional man



Interactive installation




One dimensional man, one dimensional society

Man has freedom in his inner consciousness but man is intergrated into society and thus has the same standards as society. Man sees society outside himself and evaluates it based on its own standards. Man becomes alienayed from his individuality.

we don't have the freedom to be critical of this system because we are so immersed in it. Values, aspiration, ideals that don't fit are repressed.

One dimensional man thinks only in what one dimension.


Technical information

In my installation, the huge metal frame in the ceiling symolized the social structure.this metal frame , social structure, confines the behavior and thought of people.people who participate in this piece can move around , and video camera track the people's movement. the video tracking system that translate personal movement create circle and Grid images. Using VIdeo traking system, I want to show a simulation of this relation human being with the society.


























installation view



metal frame, video camera, computer, projector, 2008, space DA







technical info