¡á Artist statement

Citizens of the world are spending their lives staring into the reflective surfaces of their mobile phones
and desktop computers.
I think that social context determines the value of the media, tendency itself of dispaying medium have to be
thought as social message.

I am exploring possibility of new abstract with new media.
I combine the longing of the human soul for spiritual revealation with new social phenomenon.

My moving painting have different meanings from previous modern abstract painting. It has the Dynamic form
which is form that changes in time. It has the element of Time.
My flickering geometric forms imply various meanings of discontinuety, dromologie ,
supernatural and theology.The object becomes the dematerilization by the fast velocity and movement .

Regarding Abstract Expressionism as limited by accounts that have considered it in isolation from popular
culture and broader social issues,I want to reset the task of investigating this art with new media culture and social context.
In the late nineteenth, the western bourgeois ideal of a centralized and autonomous individual reflects ideology of the the abstract
expressionism. modernism painting has been recognized as a white male dominated art.
web is subversive and democratic.With the low culture of WEB which can be accessed by anybody,
I want to try new possibility of new abstract.

For me, the digital canvas is another representation tool. Browser is not only the way it looks but also
an inevitable basis of existence in the new space. If the history of fine art is against the frame of canvas,
new painting will be founded on the browser, a element of being.
In the past, inherent trait of painting reveals through the recognitions and enactments of medium.
As the tool and matarial,we have to reconsider the new medium.

My works are fuctioned both in the web and gallery context. but my work is not webart. I just
use the element of the browser in the web. I usaually show my piece with projector in the dark space.
I am looking for an aesthetic capable of the new digital images in the postmodern period.
Its fundamental category is the sublime. my aesthetic subject is the sublime. The significance of the sublime
as an aesthetic subject of art seems to lie in its conceptual reach, or in the case of the religious sublime,
in its spiritual dimension. The sublime refers to immense ideas like space, time, death, and the divine.

There exist something that cannot be represented in the dehors. When We feel the world beyond ,
we enter the realm of the sublime.To make visible that there is something which can be conceived and
which can neither be seen nor made visible.we have the idea of the world,
but we do not have the capacity to show an example of it. The simulacra is as far removed from ¡®reality¡¯ as
it is possible to be.But this true reality exists and is there awaiting discovery by us.
This would be a desire to seek permenance in the instable and forged world.

I want to invent new kind of space.
this is the hybrid space and paradoxical space. virtuality, reality, transcendence...
We shall not attempt to define what is a virtual domain or a virtual world.
In Being and Time (1927) Heidegger claims that human life is characterized by the fact that we live
within a field of given and open possibilities. To exist as a human being means having to construct our own life.
We consider more and more the virtuality of computer to be the real thing. reality becomes a possible actualization of artificiality.
To transcend means to go beyond. Maybe we discover that there is something beyond artificiality,
as there is also something-thing beyond nature or existence , not just the simple fact of being.

We actually receive vibrations from painting. these vibrations emanate from colors.
my medium is light not painting and not sclpture.
I began thinking in terms of light rather than color.

light can let us experience transcendent power. light affects perception.
in the beginning , there was light, simply light. the words"let there be light" marked the begining of everything.
light is intrinsic to our physical and spiritual selves.
it gives us the power of vision. light has come to mean illumination and enlightenment, a possesion of
mind. that illumination is often spiritual in nature, applied to God as the source of devine light.

for centuries, "devine light" has streamed through stained glass into the interiors of churches.
A person who comes from the outside into the relative darkness of a cathedral is struck by the light pouring
through the colored glass. Like a Rothko painting, mystical colors and luminosity create feeling of spirituality.
I want to create an atmosphere. wordless thouht that come from looking in a fire and the ocean ...

I am in the pursuit of new sublime sentiment in the new media place.
The New visual culture has changed our visual perception and cognition.
Benjamin said that new media trains people¡¯s perception through the simulation fitting the velocity of
the modern times. I am exploring a new sublime now found in technology with biblical event.
In my work, Eternity and transcendency in the theological event are compatible with the temporality
and existence derived from the influence of electronic media .
































installation scene ;

40x30 inches print works, computer monitors,projector







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